Dynablaster Revenge

22 years after composing music for the classic Amiga version of Dynablaster, here’s Titan/Haujobb’s remake Dynablaster Revenge featuring remixes of the the original tracks.

Free download here!

Guitar tracks for Turrican Soundtrack Anthology

I’m currently doing some lead guitar work for Chris Huelsbeck’s Turrican Soundtrack Anthology.
Be prepared for lots of guitar shreddage!

Der Planer 5 – in stores now

soundtrack is available at bandcamp now!

Der Planer 5 – to be released September 2012

Der Planer 5 will feature  a bonus Soundtrack-CD. For a first listen, click the picture.

Act Of Goat – out now!

Full Album download contains 2 bonus tracks, overall 66 minutes of music.

Download here:

Merlin – The Black Knight’s Quest now at App Store

Coming from the popular BBC TV series, Merlin – The Black Knight’s Quest is a turn based RPG for iPhone. It features the original TV score by Robert Lane, sound design and SFX by Romeo Knight.

iTunes download here

Immortal 4 out now!

35 AMIGA game classic remixes, including Romeo Knight’s rendition of the Gauntlet III theme by Tim Follin.

Prelisten and order here!

TRSI’s 20th Anniversary Vinyl Album coming 2011

A first Teaser for TRSI’s 20th Anniversary Vinyl Record Double Album containing a full bunch of famous demoscene tracks remixed for vinyl.

Set up your turntables and prepare to boogie down the house in 2011!

UPDATE:  Download the vinyl master tracks here!

Immortal 4 takes pre-orders

The upcoming release #4 of the AMIGA game music series ‘Immortal’ can be pre-ordered. It features 35 titles, about 158 minutes of AMIGA game music remakes by their original composers or legendary demoscene musicians, among them Jogeir Liljedahl, Romeo Knight and others. Exclusively available at MAZ Sound.


Interview at OpenBytes Blog

There’s a new interview online at OpenBytes Blog.  Read in detail about the impact of the Red Sector Megademo, music and demoscene history.

Click here!

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